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Thanks nnijmeijer, your assist was definitive.
Firstly let me say in regards to the errors in my mannequin: Within the ‘rotX’ components I forgotter to replace it with a reference to the Veneziana higher lever; it was solely a distraction.
The issue with intervals and commas are severe as an alternative, however not for my fault. I’ve some sighting drawback and the 2 indicators are barely seen to my eyes. I would wish someway to zoom-in the components home windows, however I don’t discover a means.
Now, I found and double checked that the actual mistake in my formulation was to surround the attibute reference with doublequotes; this prevents, at the least for me, to execute the components, with out elevating any error by SU; the components is simply skipped.

If this confirmed by you or another person, your sentence:

  • You don’t want to surround the parameters you discuss with in ” “.

needs to be modified in:

  • You MUST not enclose the parameters you discuss with in ” “.

Anyway, lastly the mannequin is working very effectively, full with all of the actions and the selection of supplies, however this isn’t necessary; it is crucial as an alternative that I realized one thing actually helpful for the longer term use.
Thank once more

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