Double sided Supplies possibility in Collada Exports from Sketchup not working? – #11 by DaveR – SketchUp

Having just a few issues right here with double facet supplies…

I’ve simply created a single rectangular object, and utilized a texture to at least one facet. Exported it to Collada with “Export Two-sided faces” not set. And saved the file.
Then set the “Export Two-sided faces” and saved once more. I then in contrast the ensuing 2 .DAE recordsdata utilizing Past Evaluate, and there seems to be no distinction (besides the interior timestamps, and the feel path)

If I then apply the feel to each faces of the thing, and repeat the export, with “Export Two-sided faces” set / not set, once more there is no such thing as a (efficient) distinction between the recordsdata.

Is the “Export Two-sided faces” truly doing something?

Evaluating the recordsdata with one versus two faces textured, I can see the variations which appear to be it creates a second object co-planar with the primary. It additionally appears so as to add a lambert shade along with the prevailing materials, which I didn’t actually ask it to do…

Are there any plans to permit the double sided materials to be specified within the Collada information utilizing


as per the Collada 1.4.1 doc?

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