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Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t explicitly specify visibility for all of the layers within the visible impact, simply those I wished to vary. The impact simply turned off all of the layers that had textual content on them. However, it didn’t work reliably.

In reality, when enhancing the properties of a visible impact, the visibility of objects will likely be in line with the “ON” or “OFF” state within the menu that pops up once you click on “Set Layer visibility ON/OFF”. However whereas the layers of curiosity had been “OFF”, objects on these layers had been seen. If I toggled from OFF to ON than again to OFF they might change into non-visible. However, after exiting the visible impact enhancing menu, they objects would reappear.

I wished to make use of that visible impact (turning off textual content layers) after I wished to show textual content off after it was displayed for a short while.

I believe that was a bug, however I modified the best way I used to be doing issues after I observed the visible impact works in a different way when it has zero period (versus a time period).

When there’s a non-zero time period, the layer visibility returns to what it was earlier than the visible impact. However when the period is ready to zero, the layer visibility modifications are utilized they usually stay in impact till layer modified by one other visible impact.

So far as the obvious bug–after I get a while I’ll do a re-create and make a gif.

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