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Good day everybody,

I would like some recommendation concerning a reciprocal roof a buddy of mine needs to construct in his yard.
Another person made the drawing and to be sincere it’s fairly a multitude…
Quite a lot of geometry was not on the default layer, I’ve corrected that.
The entire logs have bizarre geometry and I don’t know what induced that.
Possibly each these issues come from importing a .DWG to SketchUp.
Additionally the logs weren’t notched but, Booltools2 made {that a} breeze. Nice Extension!!

My buddy requested me if I knew a strategy to get the measurements he wants for making the cuts (notches) that doesn’t take too lengthy as a result of I imagine all 83 logs are totally different.
The measurements he wants are these:
1 complete size of the log (straightforward)
2 size from aspect of log to center of first notch.
3 size from aspect of log to center of second notch.
4 miter angle of first notch.
5 miter angle of second notch.
6 angle of distinction between first and second notch. (seen from the aspect of the log)
7 depth of first notch.
8 depth of second notch.

I’ve been breaking my head over this for two evenings now and don’t see a means of doing this straightforward, additionally as a result of the logs have been positioned earlier than making them a element which supplies them a giant bounding field with the axes not alligned with the logs themselves…
I copied one log and tried to rotate it to the world axes, that type of labored exept for the final rotation which ought to put one of many notches horizontal…
All of that is taking a very long time to do and I nonetheless can’t work out how you can make a few of the measurements.
Anybody has some tip and recommendation?

herman bewerkt.skp (2,6 MB)

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